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Tell Your Story with Photos

When you want to describe something you’ve seen, a photo truly is worth “a thousand words.”

Reading about the Terra Cotta Warriors is one thing; seeing them is a totally different experience.

Whether you are looking for photos for a website, a book, a slide show or video, You R Your Stories can help you find or create the image you need to meet your needs.

The photography on this website was done by Dramatic Dimensions owner, Rosemarie Howard. Photos in the galleries are available for purchase.

We are available to take photos, find photos, or to help you scan photos you already have – to help you create or enhance your stories.

Here is an example of one of my memories — preserved in a slide show of a noodle maker  in Xi’an, China at the Terra Cotta Warriors Museum restaurant.

Photo Gallery

To see other photos, visit our gallery by clicking here.

Contact us for a free consultation by using the comment form below, or by phoning 801-491-0489.

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