Film It!

Create a living legacy or tell your corporate story in digital HD video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, moments and memories preserved in digital HD are priceless.


  1. I would love to mail you my new book for a potential book review.
    May I have your mailing address?
    Also, I am interested in doing a book trailer for my new book, The Memory Catcher.
    I would like details of your pricing. Most book trailers are one to one and a half minutes.
    Sarah Hinze

    • Hello Sarah,
      Thanks for your message. I would love to read and review your new book. It sounds really interesting.

      If you would like the review published in the Deseret News, I need to coordinate this with the editor I work with. Usually, I let her know an author would like me to review a book, the author sends her the book and then the editor sends it to me for review. Kind of round about, but she has her process.

      As far as the trailer, I would like to talk with you more about that to see what you are looking for. Then I can give you a price.

      Let me know when you might have a few minutes to discuss your ideas.

      Warm regards,

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